Rice from the Himalayas

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History has seen the food delicacy available in the UK changed over the centuries. Being invaded by potato in the earlier days, as a jacket potato, it became the staple diet in the British Isles. Then, with globalisation and immigration, Italian pizza, Chinese noodles and the 'Indian' Chicken tikka masala invaded this land of the Anglo Saxons. Chicken tikka masala even became the most sought after food in this country. In this melee, however, as biryani, rice was not left out. In addition, it has also been used widely just as boiled rice. Rice, therefore, is very much in demand in the UK. This is where we come in and supply very fine quality rice in tonnes to meet the UK demand. Grown in the lap of the Himalayas, in a suitable whether the paddy is then converted into beautiful looking rice grains as shown in the picture. We bring you a very fine quality rice. Our wheat flour is not less either Pure quality white rice wheate flour from the Himalayas enjoy white rice
Beautiful fine wheat flour
Beautiful fine tasty rice
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Best quality rice from the HImalayas Rice for eacy cooking
The beaut of polished rice Our rice and flour site welcomes you Basmati rice from the Himalayas basmati rice

Guide on rice:

1006 10 - Paddy - Rice in the husk or hull (see picture) 1006 20 - Broun unpolished rice: Husk/hull removed but Bran intact. Having nutty flavour and chewy texture, although it has more B complex vitamins and fibre than policed rice, it takes double the time to cook and has shorter shelf life because of oil in the bran. Other names ‘cargo rice’, ‘loonzain’ and ‘riso sabamato’. 1006 30 - Semi polished (bran partly removed) or fully polished  (bran fully removed) white rice. Rice can also be glazed by using glucose and talcum. When oil is added it is called ‘Camolino’ rice, When soaked in hot water before milling then the milled rice is called ‘parboiled’ 1006 40 - Broken rice: Broken rice is damaged white rice, broken during processing. Has low fiver, is of low quality and is used for baby formulas, rice cereals, pet foods, rice wine and rice flour, as well as pre-package or canned goods.
Anatomy of rice grain

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